AGM at April Meeting

April’s Meeting will begin with the AGM, followed by a bring and buy of miniatures, all kinds both handmade and bought.  Provided by Members

Next meeting is 9th April 2014 at 7pm in the Fishbourne Hall,

New Members welcome

Club news update

Unfortunately, we’ve had some changes within the club, the chairman Richard died quite suddenly and John took over as acting Chairman and at the extra ordinary meeting in March 2014 was appointed as Chairman. There were also some changes to the 2013/14 calendar due to sickness, the new year calendar for 2014/15 will be announced next month after the AGM.


New Chairman

Following the death of Sylvia, Richard Goulding the club founder was re-elected as Chairman at the extraordinary meeting which was held before the September monthly meeting.

Sad news

We sadly lost two of our wonderful members recently Sylvia, our chairman and Valerie. They will both be missed very much.  Our condolences to their family and friends.

Cream Tea anyone

We will be making cream teas with Joyce on the 10th October at the Fishbourne Centre at 7.00pm.  Please bring table protection, and any fimo you may have.

Next month – Painting

The next meeting is on the 12th September at 7.00pm at the Fishbourne Centre Fishbourne. We are painting miniature pictures with June.

Please bring table protection, and any small brushes you may have, June will provide everything you may need.  All new members are welcome.


I am very sorry for not updating the site lately but its been a bit hectic, we have been to Scotland on holiday, we are decorating our bedroom and I’ve been making curtains and a new quilt for my bed.  We are not yet finished but getting there.

Table protection

Members must make sure they bring table protection and a cutting mat to protect the tables. The tables are very nice and it is condition of the room hire.

New members

We welcomed 3 new members in April and May.  They joined in making clothes and books for the Village Fete.  We hope they enjoyed it.

June 13th meeting

For the June meeting we are going to postpone making toys so that people without computers can see the website.  Also if anyone needs any help with something please bring it along and someone will try to help.